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Patients seek compensation for hip implants

More than 120 patients have launched claims for medical negligence compensation after being fitted with faulty hip implants which have left them suffering severe personal injuries.

One claimant, a 40-year-old woman from Surrey, had the metal hip implant fitted and then suffered intense pain four years after the operation, despite being told the implant would last 25 years.

The pain was so severe the woman was forced to stop working and found that she was unable to carry out normal everyday activities, such as climbing the stairs.

Doctors later found that the surface of the woman's metal implant had eroded away, which had caused swelling and resulted in the agonising pain. It is feared that the metal could have been absorbed into the bloodstream, which would lead to additional future health issues.

Along with the other patients who have experienced similar injures, the woman is now seeking medical negligence compensation for the pain and suffering she has endured.


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