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A London woman is seeking to claim passenger injury compensation from the London Underground for a Tube accident which left her needing treatment for a cut eye and a two-inch wound to her head.

The Tube accident happened at Mile End on the Central Line during the peak hours of the morning. A train was passing through the station when a piece of canvas became detached from a between-carriage safety barrier, striking against the woman's face.

The barriers are a response to past safety concerns, which had resulted in a number of fatal personal injuries.

London Underground officials are believed to attribute the accident to a communication failure, although it is not known whether they will be admitting liability for the no win, no fee claim.

However, London Underground's director of safety did comment, "We detected there was a faulty barrier and we failed to remove it promptly and efficiently. If things had gone slightly differently, we would have removed that barrier and the accident wouldn't have happened."

It is not known how much passenger injury compensation the woman's solicitor is aiming to secure.


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