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Delayed cancer diagnosis leads to compensation claims

A recent report has revealed that delays in diagnosing ovarian cancer are a common cause of claims for medical negligence compensation against doctors.

The Medical Defence Union (MDU) found 209 complaints have been made over the last nine years involving delayed diagnosis by GPs in the UK, some of which led to payments of up to £550,000 in compensation.

Out of the 209 grievances, 71 of those resulted in compensation claims being pursued. Out of these cases, eight have been settled while 15 are still ongoing. The remaining cases were either discontinued or the claim was made out of time. 

An adviser at the MDU commented that although the symptoms of ovarian cancer are similar to other common conditions it is important that when the diagnosis is considered immediate steps are taken for further assessment or treatment.

Of the eight medical negligence compensation cases that the MDU looked into, all but one were launched due to a delay in diagnosis.


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