No win, no-fee work injury claim news

Civil servant seeks payout

A civil servant from South London who sustained a serious head injury after falling from a chair at work and hitting his head has launched a no-win, no-fee work injury claim.

Personal injury solicitors representing the 39-year-old former Department for Work and Pensions worker are hoping to secure around £300,000 in accident compensation.

Two years ago the claimant fell from a newly-installed swivel chair and hit his head on the wall.

According to a no-win, no-fee work injury claim writ submitted at the High Court, the accident has had a "profound and permanent effect" on the claimant and greatly reduced both his earning capacity and his employment prospects.

Furthermore, it adds, that his injuries have resulted in "slowed speed of information processing, impaired executive function, severe verbal communication difficulty, and mild to moderate word-finding difficulties".

So far the Department for Work and Pensions has made no comment on the office accident no-win, no-fee work injury claim.


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