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Solicitor works magic to settle injury claim

An actor and close magician who suffered a fractured finger while working on a live and interactive show at Madame Tussauds has received a "significant" settlement after making a no win no fee injury claim.

Although Madame Tussauds had forcefully denied liability for the injury claim, negotiations between the actor's no win no fee solicitor and the waxworks' insurers resulted in the two parties agreeing to a settlement.

"It may just be a broken finger, but to a close magician it is draconian. It was the loss of his earnings from other sources which contributed to his damages," the actor's solicitor told press.

"Actors' claims are notoriously difficult to pursue, particularly when they are employed on a temporary contract. Where performers are members of a trade union, they may have legal assistance to enable them to pursue claims for personal injury. However, many performers do not have the benefit of union support or may sustain injury in circumstances outside the workplace. We have long experience in assessing the true monetary value of claims and are happy to act on a no win no fee basis."


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