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Settlement secured in brain injury case

One of the UK's leading no win, no fee solicitor firms has won an undisclosed sum of accident at work compensation for a man who sustained a brain injury after being struck on the head by welding equipment while working as a shipbuilder.

As a result the Tyneside man now suffers from impaired hearing, short-term amnesia, loss of balance and reduced concentration.

Although the claimant's no win, no fee solicitor managed to secure a settlement reflecting the extent of his injuries, it is unlikely he will ever be able to work again and he now needs constant care.

"This accident was caused by poor health and safety techniques and could have been avoided, had the necessary precautions been taken. As a result, our client's life has taken a dramatic turn for the worst," commented the man's no win, no fee solicitor. He added, "This compensation can never make up for the client's brain damage, or for the loss of the life he once led. "It is aimed at helping our client maintain a standard of living, if not the same kind of life he would have expected, had he been able to work up to retirement age."


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