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Disabled woman considers personal injury claim

An elderly Hatfield man has contacted a firm of no win, no fee solicitors after his wife suffered injuries when her mobility scooter fell from a high kerb onto the road.

Pictures of the woman's injuries, which included cuts and bruises to her legs and head, have been sent to the no win, no fee solicitors with a view to using them as evidence in a compensation claim.

The concerned husband commented, "We were all shocked. We had to go over to the hospital, as my wife suffers from emphysema I was worried about her breathing. "I do think there should be some railings along the side of the pathway to prevent this from happening to other people. "It's rather dangerous down there. A woman I spoke to said that someone else had fallen off the kerb."

Although it was not revealed whether Herts Highways had received any correspondence regarding the incident from the no win, no fee solicitor firm, a spokeswoman from the organisation did say, "We are very concerned to hear about this incident and if the woman involved would like to contact us we can arrange a site visit to discuss the situation."


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