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Teenager compensated over water park accident

A no win, no fee solicitor representing a 13-year-old girl who suffered injury when she collided with a lifeguard at a water park has secured the teenager a four-figure sum of compensation.

The girl and her family employed the representation of a no win, no fee solicitor after she was taken to hospital with concussion. Her father commented that she had the "concussion for around four or five days and it was some time before she was fully active again."

The managing director of the water park where the accident happened said that they did not contest the personal injury writ served by the girl's no win, no fee solicitor.

"The lifeguard at the bottom of the slide had thought the last rider had come down and walked on the surface against all procedures," he said. Adding, "The person in question was given a final written warning and was very apologetic. It was a one off accident. "There has never in the 22 years I have been here there has never been an incident like this. "I apologised to the family and we sent them some flowers. We accepted liability straight away and are sorry that this happened."


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