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Compensation for college fall

A no win, no fee solicitor firm has helped a college lecturer win compensation for the wrist and shoulder injuries he sustained in an on-campus slip accident.

The 36-year-old had been working at South Tyneside College in October, 2006 when he slipped on a temporary wheelchair ramp.

The college admitted liability for the accident to the no win, no fee solicitor firm representing the claimant, clearing the way for an out-of-court work injury claim settlement.

Speaking to the Shields Gazette, the claimant commented, "I fell badly on my elbow and was later taken to South Tyneside District Hospital. "It's taken several years to win compensation, and the case was not settled until March of this year. "I think the whole issue of safety at places like South Tyneside College and other public buildings needs to be looked at."

"My shoulder still hurts during the cold weather and it is arthritic. I am concerned that when I'm older it will only get worse."

While a specialist from the no win, no fee solicitor firm that assisted the man's claim commented, "This accident highlighted a dangerous health and safety risk for those visiting the college. "It could have been avoided if the ramp had been covered in an anti-slip material. The college has a responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone using its facilities."


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