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Pothole claim resolved out of court

No-win, no-fee lawyers have succeeded in securing a damages payout for a 76-year-old man who suffered personal injury as a result of a cycling accident caused by a pothole in Dartford.

The keen cyclist instructed no-win, no-fee lawyers after enduring the agonies of a dislocated shoulder.

However, council intransigence initially meant that his attempts to secure injury compensation were frustrated. It was not until the pensioner's legal team were able to establish that the pothole should have been repaired a full five weeks before the accident that hopes of a settlement were raised.

A spokesperson from the no-win, no-fee lawyer firm that represented the cycling accident case commented, "This case illustrates the difficulties of obtaining compensation from highway authorities.

"They rarely admit liability for accidents involving road defects."

Kent City Council has now announced an extra £1 million investment to combat the problem of potholes in the area, which has been exacerbated by the recent cold snap.

The claimant's no-win, no-fee lawyers secured him his settlement, worth £6,250, following a series of out-of-court negotiations.


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