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Tree feeling work to begin in Stafford

Concerns about potential no win, no fee injury claims have led Stafford Borough Council to request the allocation of £40,000 in funds to perform felling work on hazardous trees.

The council has made a report in which it states how felling trees and documenting its tree maintenance work might help it fight off no win, no fee injury claims in the future. "Should any claim arise from damage or accident in connection with the trees, the records of inspection, maintenance and exact location would form the basis of any defence," says the report.

It adds, "The council's insurers have advised that maintaining records of this type is best practice and in the event of a claim, this would form the basis to show everything has been done which is reasonable and practicable."

Accident compensation specialists have commended the council for taking the kind of preventative action that might help avoid residents suffering traumatic injury caused by falling trees and branches.

A Stoke-based no win, no fee injury claim specialist commented, "The council is being sensible. It is rare to have a compensation case for an injury caused by a tree, but it does happen. The more people are aware of it, the more cases you will get.

"It is something that we would take on."


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