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Riding accident compensation claim fails at last hurdle

A Surrey riding school has expressed satisfaction at an Appeal Court decision to quash a no win, no fee claim made by a woman who suffered multiple injuries after falling from a bucking horse.

The 53-year-old London-based woman took the no win, no fee action after a 2004 riding accident in which she suffered a fractured collarbone as well as head injuries. However, the judge at London's Appeal Court agreed with an earlier ruling that the claimant was sufficiently informed that the horse, Patty, was prone to buck. He said, "[The claimant] wanted an exciting ride with a forward-going horse and was aware of Patty's predisposition to bucking, not only from what she had been told at the stables, but from the first buck on the ride.

"She was asked whether she wanted to continue and wished to attempt to canter again. She gave a positive answer to both questions. [The claimant] voluntarily assumed that risk and its consequences."

The owner of the riding school confirmed that she was delighted with the verdict. "This was a great result, not just for me, but for all riding schools. So many are having to close due to problems getting insurance and concerns about no win, no fee litigation," she said.

The Appeal Court decision finally closes the door on the riding accident claim.


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