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IT worker wins back injury claim

A 36-year-old man from Manchester who suffered a fractured vertebra during a DIY seminar has received an undisclosed sum of no win, no fee compensation for his personal injury.

The insurer of the leisure company responsible for organising the seminar had initially denied liability for the IT worker's injury, but finally admitted liability after conducting successful negotiations with the 36-year-old's personal injury solicitor.

Although the details of the no win, no fee compensation settlement have not been released, it is understood that the claimant's legal team had hoped to secure a six-figure sum.

The claimant suffered his injury after falling from a plastic chair while being given instruction on how to use a drill.

He told press, "The chair couldn't hold my weight... it just collapsed. I may not be the thinnest bloke in the world, but I'm not that heavy either. I paid good money for that course and I felt let down."

It is possible that the payout of no win, no fee compensation may help the man receive physiotherapy so he can recover from his back injury and return to playing for his local football team.


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