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Pensioner wins pensioner claim

A pensioner from Perth, Scotland, has won no win, no fee compensation for an accident in a Marks & Spencer store in which she slipped on some prawn cocktail residue and broke her hip.

Although the woman's personal injury lawyer had been hoping to secure around £30,000 in no win, no fee damages for the 71-year-old, a court has confirmed "decree in the case was granted for the sum of £7,500."

It is understood that the woman slipped on a prawn cocktail "puddle" and fell into the chilled sandwich cabinet. As a result, she now has a limp and her mobility is so reduced that she is now dependent on the use of a wheelchair to travel long distances.

In writ served to the court by the woman's solicitor, it was stated her left foot slipped on a wet part on the floor. Alongside the stand containing the flower display was another stand. She tried to save herself by clutching the stand.

"As she did so, her right foot slipped. She was unable to save herself and fell to the ground sustaining the injuries. Her back was jammed against the display cabinet behind her. The cabinet contained sandwiches."

Marks & Spencer had sought to contest the no win, no fee compensation claim.


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