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Hospital worker wins injury claim

A former hospital worker has secured no win, no fee compensation for a work accident that has left him dependant on medication for the remainder of his life.

The 64-year-old hospital theatre porter was instructed by bosses to use a shopping trolley to collect heavy gas canisters from a car park. However, when a stone became stuck under the wheel of the trolley it became destabilised and swerved into a collision-course with an oncoming car.

It was in trying to steady the trolley that the porter suffered a knee injury, which has now become chronic. Furthermore, the claimant's no win, no fee compensation settlement recognises the fact that the injury caused him to develop Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), for which he will now need to take medication every day for the rest of his life.

"I have had to give up work and my golf, and my family have seen me go through hell," said the claimant.

"We apologise for the pain and distress caused," commented the relevant NHS trust.

The no win, no fee compensation settlement was reached out-of-court and the size of the payout remains undisclosed.


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