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Payout feels like damp squib

No win, no fee compensation of £33,000 has been paid to a woman from West Yorkshire who suffered serious multiple injuries after being knocked down by a golf buggy at a Bon Jovi concert.

The 39-year-old security guard was helping to evacuate concert-goers from the venue, following the ignition of some gas canisters, when another worker drove into her, breaking her leg, crushing her foot and dislocating her toe.

Her personal injury solicitor also revealed that a component of no win, no fee compensation was being sought for the woman's inability to make love since the work accident, a fact that has, as well as denying her pleasure, caused significant distress.

The claimant explained that the settlement did not match her expectations, "At first we were going for £250,000 so this is a big let down," she said.

Adding, "I had no idea it would go on this long or be this hard. I thought it best that I draw a line under it and get on with my life because I can't cope with it any more.

She also revealed that, because of the terms on which she made her no win, no fee compensation claim, she will receive only a fraction of the £33,000 awarded her. "In the end I only ended up with about £3,000 after I paid back what I had been paid in disability benefits and paying the solicitor. It's hard because I've lost more money than that with not working for four years," she said.


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