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MoD faces "cold injury" claims

It has emerged that the Ministry of Defence could face a raft of no win, no fee claims from soldiers suffering from "cold injuries".

Similar in manifestation to the condition once termed "trench foot", cold injuries are believed to be caused by exposure to extreme and persistent levels of cold. Many of those affected are from commonwealth nations, with those of Afro-Caribbean displaying particular susceptibility. Dr Howard Oakley, a thermal medicine specialist, comments, "The likelihood of Africans or Afro-Caribbeans appearing in my clinic is 30 times greater than that of Caucasians: that's a colossal increased risk for them."

It is reported that the MoD has already received around 150 writs for the condition, with many believed to be no win, no fee claims.

One personal injury solicitor representing the claims has said that the injuries were "entirely avoidable", adding, "The kit was substandard, the training was substandard, and the supervision was substandard."

It is anticipated that the no win, no fee claims could eventually cost the MoD more than £5 million in compensation.


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