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Portishead grandmother seeks compensation for pavement accident

A grandmother from Somerset is in the process of making a no win, no fee claim for injuries she sustained in a slip on a pavement in Portishead.

The 63-year-old explains why she has been moved to launch a no win, no fee claim, "I hurt both ankles badly and couldn't walk for weeks after the fall. I still have severe pain and swelling on one ankle and I want to sue whoever is responsible for the hole in the pavement that is still there."

If the woman's no win, no fee claim is going to succeed, it will be necessary for her personal injury lawyer to establish who is responsible for maintaining the stretch of tarmac pavement where she suffered her fall, with North Somerset Council claiming they are responsible for maintaining only the slabbed area.

Many local residents believe that the stretch of pavement was simply an accident waiting to happen. One commented, "Walking through Worthington's Walk, between High Street and the Co-op car park terrifies me. "Many of the slabs are broken and when you step on them they tip up, it is very dangerous for anyone, but especially older people."


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