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Woman lodges claim over university bin accident

A 62-year-old exam invigilator from Edinburgh is making a no win, no fee claim after an accident at a university's examination hall in which she tripped and fell over a wastepaper bin left her with a broken arm as well as injuries to her neck and knee.

The university deny liability for the no win, no fee action, claiming that the woman had a duty to watch where she was going and is therefore responsible for her own misfortune.

However, the invigilator, whose personal injury solicitor is taking the case all the way to the Court of Session, counters that she was "there to look at the students, not the room."

The claimant's no win, no fee accident compensation writ states that she is seeking compensation for pain, suffering and loss of earnings. It also says that the injuries she sustained as a result of the accident meant she was unable to accept the job of chief invigilator with another Edinburgh educational institution.


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