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Delivery driver sues couple for injury compensation

A married couple from West Yorkshire have expressed their consternation at being the subject of a no win, no fee claim taken out by a Sainsbury's delivery driver.

The claimant says that he suffered a soft tissue injury to his wrist as a result of falling backwards on a ramp outside the couple's house - an injury that led to him needing to take a full month off work.

The pair received a no win, no fee claim writ, in which it is alleged that they breached the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 by "failing to provide a substantial handrail", from the driver's Huddersfield-based personal injury solicitor.

While speaking to press, the couple expressed their anger and said they had hoped Sainsbury's would intervene to bring the matter to a close, but that the supermarket giant had "wanted nothing to do with them".

"It's crazy," one of them commented. "We all cut ourselves and graze ourselves through our lives and we wouldn't dream of suing somebody. You can't give in to these people.

"It would be good if this went to court and the judge turned things round and ordered them to pay compensation to us for the grief they've caused."

The solicitor representing the no win, no fee claim hopes to secure his client around £5,000 accident compensation.


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