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Motorcycle crash claim not possible for Leysdown accident

The family of a 32-year-old man, who died in a crash in Leysdown, Kent, in August 2010, are not going to be making a motorcycle crash claim since it has been revealed that no one was liable.

An inquest into the incident has finally provided the victim's family with closure. The man's mother has stated, "While I miss [my son] every single day, I feel like I can move on."

The man was visiting his girlfriend, having travelled from London, and was helping her fit a kitchen in a chalet. His mother explained that while in the chalet the girlfriend "heard some people outside with a motorbike. She [the girlfriend] said 'Go and see what that's about'".

Having left the chalet, a witness to the accident reported that he saw the casualty on the motorbike. The witness stated that the man was not speeding and seemed in control of the vehicle.

Apparently, it was as he intentionally mounted the kerb that the incident occurred. "The left-hand handlebar appeared to strike the fence which had the effect of pulling him into the fence. Then both rider and motorcycle were catapulted to the ground quite violently," said the witness.

The impact knocked the victim unconscious, since he had no helmet on, and he was taken to hospital bleeding from the head. Medical attention found that he had extensive brain injury.

In intensive care, the victim showed no sign of brain activity and was later pronounced dead.

Although police have managed to piece together the most important events, they are still uncertain of why the man was on the motorbike, which was not his, and what happened to the vehicle after the incident. It disappeared from the scene while a witness to the crash called the emergency services.

Despite the mysterious disappearance of the vehicle, the coroner stated that "there was nothing to suggest that this was anything other than the most tragic accident". This will mean that the family cannot make a motorcycle crash claim for their loss, but now that the verdict has been reached they may at least begin to rebuild their lives.


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