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£70m compensation paid out by NHS due to negligence

It has been reported that more than £70m has been paid out in clinical negligence compensation due to incidents during pregnancies and births in Scotland.

According to reports, between the start of January 2009 and June 2011 there were 30 compensation cases settled by NHS Health Scotland resulting in a little more than 70 million pounds being awarded in total.

All 30 cases occurred due to clinical negligence during childbirth and pregnancies.

An example incident could include unnecessary delays in delivery caused by medical staff, resulting in a baby suffering oxygen starvation in the womb and sustaining a serious personal injury.

The compensation awarded in cases such as these is often high due to the severity of the injuries suffered. Claimants often require round-the-clock care for the rest of their lives due to conditions such as cerebral palsy. The damages awarded are used to cover these care costs.

In addition to the 30 settled clinical negligence compensation claims there were a further 96 cases which were still ongoing in June 2011.


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