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Bike crash victim awarded "substantial" damages

A Watford man has won a "substantial" compensation claim for the catastrophic head injury he suffered in a motorcycle crash.

The 28-year-old sustained severe brain and facial trauma when his motorbike collided with a car less than a mile from his home in 2005.

His long recovery began with a bed in intensive care and the insertion of titanium plates to rebuild his shattered face.

Since the car crash he has suffered long-term depression, anxiety and fatigue as a result of his brain damage, along with impaired sight, taste and smell.

Unable to work, he walks with a stick and currently relies on his parents for care.

However on Wednesday, the High Court approved a settlement with insurers which will fund the intensive support he needs to become independent once again.

The High Court Judge who approved his personal injury compensation praised the man's mother for the part she played in his recovery.

"I know what mothers will do for their children," he said, "but it must be recognised that, even in comparison with the many cases in which parents care for their child, the loving care he has had is remarkable and has played a tremendous part in the life he has had."

The man's personal injury lawyers declined to specify the value awarded in respect of his motorcycle crash, but told reporters at the Watford Observer it was "a substantial figure".


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