Motorcycle crash news

Biker lost control in accident on bridge

A motorcycle accident on the Isle of Wight may have been caused because the biker was travelling at an unsafe speed.

The 20-year-old motorcyclist died from multiple injuries when he crashed after losing control on a bend approaching a bridge.

The rear wheel had locked and as the young man came off his bike, he hit a part of the bridge, suffering a fractured skull and spine.

A witness described the motorcyclist's speed as too fast for the bend. A paramedic who attended and a nurse, who stopped to try to resuscitate the biker, said the man died at the scene.

During a post-mortem examination, cannabis and alcohol traces were found in the young man's body.

The motorbike was found to be well looked after but the visor on the motorcyclist's helmet blocked out more than 90 per cent of natural light - the legal limit is set at 50 per cent.

At the motorcycle accident inquest, the coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.


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