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40 percent injury compensation for rider

A man from Yorkshire has succeeded in his motorcycle accident claim against police, but failed in his bid to receive 100 percent compensation for his motorbike injuries.

The motorbike accident claim related to an August 2004 incident in which Thames Valley Police drove over the man's right leg after he'd dismounted outside his home in Buckinghamshire.

An earlier attempt to secure damages for the accident had failed at Reading County Court, with a judge ruling that the police officer involved had not driven negligently.

However, after instructing his personal injury solicitor to proceed with the claim, the man's persistence paid off when a judge at the Court of Appeal in London said that the claimant, who had been fleeing from police at the time of the accident, was only 60 percent to blame for his injuries.

He had been hoping to secure £600,000 compensation from his motorcycle accident claim; however, because of the result of the ruling it is likely that he will receive, at most, only 40 percent of this sum.


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