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Mother claims damages for child hit by rolling pin

The mother of an infant girl who suffered a bizarre head injury outside a Dundee chemist's shop is to claim £100,000 personal injury compensation on her behalf.

The Fife family were out on a shopping trip in 2008 when a rolling pin fell from the third floor window of a branch of Boots and landed on the baby, then 20 months old.

A CT scan at nearby Ninewalls Hospital confirmed the impact had fractured the infant's skull and caused internal bleeding.

Boots have since admitted breaching Health and Safety regulations, and paid fines of £6,500 at Dundee Sheriff Court.

The chemist admits liability for the girl's injuries, but as yet resists further claims from the child's mother and two grandparents – all of whom were on the trip with her – for various mental symptoms, including distress and alarm.

Boots' personal injury lawyers have described the adults as "secondary victims", and allege their emotional reactions do not give rise to liability for damages.


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