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School face compensation claim following playground fall

A mother from Merseyside is considering launching a claim for personal injury compensation after her daughter was injured in a playground accident.

The five-year-old girl had been in her school playground on a lunch break when she fell and broke her arm in two places. The injuries sustained in the fall were so severe she had to undergo surgery to repair the shattered elbow and broken bone.

The girl is not expected to return to school for a month due to the severity of her injuries. Doctors have also warned the 32-year-old mum that her daughter may not regain full use of her arm for another six years.

As a result of the accident, the mother is now considering launching an injury claim against Ravenscroft Primary School. She claims that staff had been negligent and failed to properly supervise the schoolchildren in the playground during lunchtime.

Knowsley Council are currently carrying out an investigation into the school accident.

It has not yet been reported whether the mother will go ahead with her claim for personal injury compensation.


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