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One-eyed golfer's personal injury claim worth £750k

A Manchester man who lost one of his eyes in a golfing accident has made a £750,000 personal injury claim against the club and the player involved.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh heard that he had been following a path between holes at the West Lothian course in August 2007, when he heard another golfer shout "fore".

Seconds later, he was struck in the face and felt an explosion of pain. His eye, which was damaged beyond repair in the accident, was later surgically removed.

In court the victim said he had played golf only a few times before the day of his injury, but claimed he understood the cry of fore and acted accordingly.

"I did hear the fore and I did duck," he said.

However, both defendants said he would not have suffered the head injury if he had responded appropriately to the call.

"I shouted fore at the top of my voice," said the golfer who hit the drive.

But despite the warning, he saw a man "looking towards the sky" as the low ball swerved in his direction.

Scotland's Daily Record said the court was yet to rule on which party, if any, was liable for the six-figure personal injury claim.


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