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Brain damaged man wins claim against hospital

Misdiagnosis compensation has been paid to a man whose brain abscess was not detected by medical staff at a Cambridgeshire hospital.

The misdiagnosis compensation payout relates to a 2003 incident in which the 42-year-old claimant was rushed to hospital following a collapse.

However, despite being informed that the patient suffered from a rare inherited condition called Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) which causes the sufferer to be at high risk of cerebral abscesses, doctors, failing to notice an abscess on his brain, diagnosed him with a stroke.

The diagnostic failure led to the 42-year-old sustaining brain damage. He now suffers from impaired cognitive and memory function and has a reduced quality of life.

On securing the payout, a spokesperson from the man's medical negligence solicitor firm commented, "This has been a very difficult case, but the right outcome has now been achieved. [The claimant] will now have the care and support he needs for the rest of his life."

The misdiagnosis compensation claim was settled for £1 million.


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