Mesothelioma news

Asbestos cancer sufferer has living wake thrown

A mesothelioma sufferer from Falmouth held a 'living wake' this week after being told he had only twelve months left to live.

The man worked as a fitter on the Falmouth docks for nearly twenty years, where he is believed to have inhaled the asbestos dust that has led to this asbestos-related lung cancer.

Although he and a friend had initially planned a small get-together, the guest list grew to nearly 100 people, creating a reunion of the dock staff, all keen to pay their respects to the 61-year-old.

Reports indicate that the man has been treated in hospital, with operations to reduce the effects of the lung cancer as far as is possible, but no comment has been made as to whether he intends to engage an asbestos solicitor regarding a mesothelioma claim.

He intends to take each day as it comes. Speaking of his mesothelioma diagnosis, the man said, "I'm feeling OK now, but what happens is you don't know when it will hit you. It will go from a small pain and then gradually get worse."


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