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Family launch mesothelioma claim on behalf of father

The family of a former electrician from Coventry have instructed industrial disease solicitors to launch a claim for mesothelioma compensation against the worker's former employer after he died from the condition.

Working for a major agricultural machinery manufacturer between 1974 and 1990 the Ernesford Grange man maintained the electrical systems in the firm's factory, working alongside plumbers and engineers who were charged with fixing and maintaining the plant's ageing pipework system.

These maintenance tasks involved the removal of old asbestos lagging material and this is how it is believed the deceased worker was exposed to the deadly fibres.

Now, the man's son and daughter-in-law intend to fight for mesothelioma compensation on his behalf and are calling for other workers at the factory to come forward so that they may build a strong case.

The Coventry man died in June this year – he was 73.

His daughter-in-law told the Coventry Telegraph, "[My husband] and I spent a lot of time
with [my father-in-law] after [his wife] passed.

‘‘When he fell ill himself, one of the doctors said that mesothelioma was caused by exposure to asbestos. But [he] died before he was able to bring a claim against his employers."


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