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Medical negligence admitted by NHS Trust

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has paid out nearly £700,000 in medical negligence compensation to 19 women whose breast surgery was performed by one of its surgeons.

Complaints were made by 35 women aged between 30 and 65 about the female surgeon after many experienced serious worries, pain and suffering after their operations, many of those procedures were treatment for breast cancer.

Under the Freedom of Information Act it has been revealed that 29 launched compensation claims - four of which were not followed up for reasons of lack of evidence.

A Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said, "Once the trust identified a problem with treatment provided by [the surgeon] to patients in the Barnsley breast clinic it took the proactive step of setting up an advice line for all those patients possibly affected.

"The trust has worked hard with its insurers and legal advisors to ensure that these matters have been dealt with as quickly and reasonably as possible.

The consultant, who earned up to £122,000 a year, was suspended on full pay over three years ago. An investigation found her to be lacking appropriate skills in 11 areas, such as basic and specialist surgery, arrangement of treatments, patient referral, colleague relationships, and working within relevant laws and regulations.

A total of 19 claims have been settled with an average payment of £35,697 to each claimant.

In 15 cases the hospital admitted medical negligence. Compensation has yet to be agreed for the last six claimants.


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