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Birth injury boy awarded £7m compensation

A hospital trust, whose neglect led to a boy's birth injury, has agreed to pay him compensation of £7m because of the mistakes by its staff.

The boy, who is now aged 11, was born at Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, after a full-term Caesarean section but during the following three days he become increasingly sleepy and floppy and was not feeding properly.

It was discovered that his blood-sugar levels had dropped to dangerously low levels and he had hypothermia. Despite immediate treatment, the brain injury he had suffered was sufficient to have caused him cerebral palsy and he now has significant physical and mental disabilities.

Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust, which had previously admitted liability for its failings, agreed at the High Court to pay £3m plus annual payments for the Solihull boy's ongoing care.

A personal injury solicitor, who acted on behalf of the family in making the damages claim, said medical professionals should have appreciated the fact that the boy was at a high risk of developing hypothermia, and hypoglycaemia, because of his lack of growth in the womb and low birth weight.

The compensation payment for the birth injury will enable the medical negligence victim, with his parents and three siblings, to move to a specially-adapted home with better facilities to care for him.


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