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Man risking high-speed motorbike crash jailed for 6 months

A man caught speeding at 122mph has been sent to jail for six months for dangerous driving, and warned that any motorbike crash at that speed would almost certainly have been fatal.

The man's 14-year-old son had been riding pillion, without protective gear, when the bike was stopped. The father said the reason for having "pulled back the throttle" to such a dangerous degree was that it had started to rain.

"The lack of responsibility is almost unbelievable," said the judge in the case, who added that a jail sentence "cannot be avoided." Both the judge and a police spokesperson described the likelihood of fatal personal injury had a motorcycle accident occurred at such a speed, and how lucky the sentenced man was that he and his son had escaped this.

In order to avoid future motorbike crashes, the man has been banned from driving for 18 months with an order to take an extended driving test if he wishes to drive again after this period.


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