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NHS may face compensation claim following major staff error

A man could seek medical negligence compensation after a pair of eight-inch forceps was left inside his body due to an error during surgery.

The man had been undergoing an operation on his appendix at a Kent hospital when the incident took place. The forceps were only found after the patient went for a routine x-ray to check on his progress after the surgery. He was then forced to undergo another procedure to have the forceps removed.

The East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is now looking into the incident.

A spokesperson for the NHS Trust has commented that incidents such as these are very rare and, despite the 90,000 procedures which have taken place, only one such event has occurred in three years.

Meanwhile the Department of Health has told staff that measures should be taken to ensure similar incidents do not take place again, such as counting the tools used before and after a procedure and performing X-rays straight away if these numbers do not tally up.

The NHS Litigation Authority has revealed that between 2010 and 2011 there had been 8,655 injury claims made against the NHS with £863 million paid out in medical negligence compensation.


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