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Magician wins £15k after suffering severed tendon

A magician from Burbage in Leicestershire has been awarded £15,000 in medical negligence compensation, after hospital staff failed to treat a severed tendon in his hand.

The 42-year-old entertainer had been washing up when a cup shattered in his hand and cut into his thumb, causing serious personal injury. The man took himself to George Eliot Hospital where he had stitches and an x-ray to ensure that none of the shattered china had been left under the skin.

However, hospital staff failed to notice that the incident had caused the man to suffer a severed tendon which left him unable to move his thumb, creating a major effect on his ability to work as a magician.

The man was seen by his GP and a physiotherapist who put the problem down to swelling, after seeing that his notes incorrectly stated that the tendon was intact.

It was not until six weeks later that it was discovered that the man had actually been suffering from a severed tendon, by which time the problem was beyond repair.

The claimant went on to endure two operations and several months of physiotherapy before he was able to return to his career.

The professional entertainer later launched a medical negligence compensation claim against the George Eliot NHS Trust and was awarded £15,000.


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