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Machine suppliers fined after factory worker suffers injury

A machine supplier has been fined after an employee of the manufacturing company suffered life-changing personal injuries in an accident at work.

The 47-year-old man had been working a night shift at a factory when the work accident took place.

The worker had been operating a hydraulic press, which uses temperatures of 65 degrees Celsius in order to produce fire helmets. As he used the machine he noticed a section of fiberglass mould had moved out of position and as he attempted to adjust it another section of the mould fell down and trapped his arms, causing him to suffer severe crush injuries and burns.

The worker was forced to undergo several operations to treat his injuries but unfortunately his arm later developed an infection and had to be amputated.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found that the machine had design flaws, which meant that the upper cavity would fall even when the safety guard was lifted or the emergency stop button was pushed.

The supplier of the machine admitted to a breach of safety regulations and was fined £25,000.

It has not yet been reported whether the personal injury victim will seek compensation for his accident at work.


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