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Gran takes claim to court

A 71-year-old Scottish woman has been given the green light to make a full medical negligence compensation claim.

A judge at the Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that the grandmother had a case in law to pursue a full medical negligence compensation claim. The decision will give the claimant's personal injury lawyers the opportunity to argue that the relevant hospital's neglect to properly follow its hand hygiene policy led to her infection with MRSA.

The 71-year-old commented on the news, "I really am overjoyed that we have won the first battle and I just feel it has taken a long, long time. I'm pleased that I am going to get to court because there are so many other people who are behind me and I have been looking forward to the fact that I might get this case into court.

"The main thing is that the hospitals get cleaned up and something is done about it."

Experts say that the case has the potential to set an important precedent with it being the first made against a hospital seeking to sue for infection with MRSA, rather than failure to treat the superbug.

Unfortunately for the claimant, her life since infection with the superbug has suffered dramatically. "It has ruined my life. I spend most of my life sitting in a chair and depression is one of the worst things it has done," she said.

"Things I used to take for granted like making the bed or taking the grandkids to the park, I can't do any more."

She is hoping to secure £30,000 from the medical negligence compensation claim.


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