Industrial deafness news

MoD paying out compensation for hearing loss

Industrial deafness has emerged as a serious problem among British troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Industrial deafness compensation amounts for hearing loss among serving military personnel currently stand at between £5,200 and £46,000, although the upper-limit will soon rise to £92,000.

The MoD acknowledges that hearing loss is a real and pressing concern for UK troops, but has moved to reassure concerned parties that all members of the armed services are equipped with earplugs and ear defenders.

However, a spokesperson from the Royal National Institute for Deaf People warned that not all damage is immediately apparent. She said, "Repeated exposure to gunfire, even if it doesn't do traumatic mechanical damage, could lead to permanent hearing loss because of damage to the sensory cells in the inner ear."

It is understood that the Royal British Legion has handled around 1,200 industrial deafness compensation claims made against the Ministry of Defence since 2005.


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