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Horse groomer launches claim for car accident compensation

The Kentucky Supreme Court has told a horse groomer, who suffered severe personal injuries in a car accident, that he is entitled to compensation despite being off-duty when the incident took place.

The man from Lexington in Kentucky, USA, had been asked to drive to New York with several horses the company he worked for had been selling.

He was not provided return transportation and stayed in New York for several days to show horses with another firm.

The worker later received a lift back to Kentucky with a friend when the car crash took place. He suffered a fractured skull, spinal injuries and extensive dental damage in the accident.

As a result of his injuries the man launched a claim against his employer for compensation. The firm opposed the claim after stating that the groomer had not been on duty at the time of the incident and had in fact requested time off in order to work for other horse breeders while in New York.

However, the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that the groomer was entitled to compensation for the car accident as he was performing the necessary act of returning from a trip that the company had requested him to take.


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