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GPs concern over holiday injury claims

GPs in Britain say they have seen an increase in the number of people exaggerating and faking injuries in order to claim holiday accident compensation.

According to a survey carried out by LV car insurance, 98 percent of GPs believe they have seen a patient they thought was exaggerating injury for the sole purpose of litigation, with 65 percent reporting a recent increase in the number of fraudsters.

An LV spokesperson commented, "Clearly anyone who has a genuine injury as a result of an accident that wasn't their fault, and loses out or can't work as a result of it, is entitled to compensation."

"However, anyone trying to get money for an injury that doesn't exist is not only breaking the law but also wasting valuable NHS time and resources.

"We would urge any GP who has doubts about someone reporting an injury to investigate further to ensure that it is genuine."

While a spokesperson with the Association of British Insurers warned that holiday accident compensation was there for the benefit of genuine claimants, not for people who hoped that a no win, no fee claim would make them a quick buck. "Travel insurance is there to cover you if things go wrong, not to pay for the cost of your holiday. The vast majority of claimants are honest, but the dishonest few are in for a nasty and expensive shock this summer," he said.

Although genuine holiday accident compensation claims should receive settlement, fraudulent claimants are often found out. For example, only recently a man claimed for expenses related to recovering from the malaria he allegedly contracted on a trip to West Africa, however, closer inspection of the man's finances revealed that the expenses were in fact related to the services he'd obtained at a number of brothels.


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