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Head injury reduction and new helmet design

In the event of a motorcycle accident, removal of the rider's helmet can sometimes take more than ten minutes and can increase the severity of the head injury, or neck injury suffered in the crash.

A university student at Bournemouth has designed a new type of motorcycle helmet, for his bachelor of science degree in computer aided product design's dissertation, which may eradicate the risks of helmet removal in the future.

At present the helmet is only a design, but the student hopes that a major manufacturer may take on his idea and put it into production. His hope is that the "Splinter" helmet will be on sale within two years' time.

The helmet design shows easily visible release clips on the sides which would make it easier for paramedics reaching the scene of a motorcycle crash to remove the helmet quickly, saving seconds crucial to reducing damage to the victim or maybe even their life.

The clips will be in red, with the words "emergency release" near them to make their function clear. In case the helmet is used in a different country, the student also plans to place the worldwide paramedic symbol on the helmet, so that its safety functions may be more apparent.

The design was the winner of the 2010 Santander Design Grand Slam and in the near future may begin to reduce the number of head injury-related motorcycle accident fatalities seen every year and perhaps the frequency of neck injury claims too.


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