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Essex man wins work accident compensation payout

A multinational logistics firm has agreed to settle the head injury claim of one of its former workers who received life-changing injuries after having his head crushed between a wall and a lorry.

The 45-year-old Essex man suffered the accident at work in March 2006 after a lorry driver failed to look while reversing.

The no win, no fee lawyer who represented the man's head injury claim said that his client's "life was transformed in an instant because of lax working practices and the carelessness of a working colleague.

"He was an active, sporty, regular guy, now he needs help as soon as he goes out of his house," he added.

Admitting liability, the logistics firm agreed to pay £780,000 in compensation for the effects of the man's work injuries, which include loss of balance, double vision, difficulty walking and loss of taste.

According to the lawyer, the head injury claim settlement will make a significant difference to the quality of the claimant's life as he "will now be able to pay for a buddy" and will not be "stuck at home" while his wife works and will be able to do "normal things like visit a museum or go swimming".


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