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Pensioner wins gas leak claim

A Cornwall-based no win, no fee firm has won £2,500 personal injury compensation for a 77-year-old Truro woman who suffered gas poisoning as a result of an incorrectly installed gas cooker.

The solicitor from the no win, no fee firm who handled the pensioner's case alleged the company that installed the cooker had been negligent, and although the compensation has been paid out, they still dispute the claim.

A director commented, "That claim is in dispute with our insurance company. I can't go into details because that would compromise it, but we are in dispute."

The problem only came to light after visiting plumber, who came to fix a water heater, became alarmed by the smell of gas. Previous to this the claimant had suffered several months of unexplained illness, even being tested for a brain tumour at one point.

She told press, "I was very 'head-achey' and just wanted to sleep all the time. The doctor was very concerned and suggested all sorts of things that could be wrong, but neither of us thought anything about gas."

"It was very fortunate that nobody had come in here and struck a match because the whole lot would have gone up."

The claimant's no win, no fee solicitor commented that his claimant may have survived only because she "keeps a lot of her vents open and her house is well ventilated so she was very fortunate in that way."


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