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Finger lost in forklift truck accident costs firm £6,000

An equipment supply firm has been fined over a forklift truck accident that robbed a worker of his little finger in 2005.

The Halifax company employee had been operating the forklift in the firm's warehouse when the work accident occurred. Full details of the personal injury incident have not been reported, but the victim was forced to undergo several medical operations in the attempt to save his finger. These were sadly unsuccessful. His lawyer said her client was still in pain and could not use the hand fully.

The prosecutor against the firm established that the risk assessments produced by the company were inadequate and did not cover forklift use. The company was therefore fined £3,000, and charged another £3,000 in costs.

It is not yet known whether the man intends to appoint a personal injury lawyer to make a compensation claim as a result of this forklift truck accident.


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