Forklift accident news

Training company warns of forklift accident risk with untrained staff

This week, one of the UK's largest forklift driver training providers has been trying to raise the profile of forklift accidents in the workplace, and the importance of training users of these pieces of heavy equipment appropriately.

A company spokesman said, "Untrained drivers pose such a significant safety risk in the workplace that employers are legally obliged to train staff to use machinery safely as part of a company's Health and Safety policy and risk assessment". Failure to do so not only carries risks of a workplace accident, but has been shown to have contributed to several accidents in recent years.

The period 2001/2 to 2006/7 saw over 7000 forklift accidents, of which more than 2500 led to serious personal injury and 51 were fatal. The results of this can be heavy fines, custodial sentences, and personal injury solicitors pursuing compensation claims on behalf of any sufferers from a workplace accident.

The training company's solution to this risk of forklift accidents is greater levels of training and refresher courses.


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