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Food poisoning from a sandwich

Forty-seven police officers, nine of whom had to be taken to hospital, came down with serious cases of food poisoning after eating sandwiches from a café in the West Midlands.

The 70-year old café owner had made food which contained staphylococcus aureus organisms, more commonly known as Staph, which cause illness in humans. The police officers ate the sandwiches at a meeting on July 4 2009, about an English Defence League protest and a counter protest.

The woman who made the sandwiches now has to keep to a night-time curfew for a month, has been served with a four-month suspended jail sentence, and has been ordered to pay £16,482.70 in legal costs by magistrates after pleading guilty to four counts of breaking food hygiene laws.

The café is now under new management after having been closed by a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice on nine days after the personal injury incident, and subsequently reopened after thorough health checks of the premises.

Should any of the police officers wish to make a food poisoning-related no win no fee claim, then they may now be able to since liability for their illness has been determined.


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