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Cardiff businesses, food poisoning compensation claims

Many people in Cardiff may have been spared from having to make food poisoning compensation claims.

Since the Food Standard Agency (FSA) began its food hygiene rating inspections throughout the UK, it has been reported that 11 of the 670 food premises in the Welsh city scored zero after an examination of their business.

Being given a rating of zero means that a food outlet needs "urgent improvement" so that their bad practices do not contaminate food and cause customers to fall ill.

Hotels, schools and universities are being checked, as well as takeaways, restaurants, local pubs and cafes. Anywhere which provides food for the general public is to be given a food hygiene score.

Some of the concerning behaviour discovered by FSA inspectors included food being stored at almost three degrees above the legally recommended temperature, staff failing to check expiry dates on products before use, dirty kitchen areas, and one premises without a hand-wash basin.

These low scoring businesses have so far been the exception, however, since out of all businesses checked 160 have had scores of five and the majority of others have not received poor scores.

A FSA Wales spokeswoman said, "We would like to think this rating scheme, over time, will prompt food businesses to improve future hygiene to get a higher rating."

Businesses with lower scores can ask to be reassessed when they think they have improved standards. Hopefully this will prompt owners to follow food safety rules closely and avoid any food poisoning compensation cases.


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