E coli food poisoning outbreak in Belfast

Owners of a restaurant in north Belfast have closed it voluntarily amid food poisoning claims that around 166 people have been affected by E coli after eating at the outlet.

According to reports, the Public Health Agency (PHA) in Northern Ireland has confirmed 124 cases of E coli 0157 food poisoning which have possibly emanated from Flicks restaurant since September.

However, tests have, as of yet, been unable to detect the presence of E coli at the restaurant which is cooperating with the authorities.

The PHA has warned anyone who ate at the York Street restaurant since 24 September and develops symptoms including abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and/or blood in their diarrhoea to go immediately to their doctor for medical advice. Other symptoms may include nausea and vomiting.

Four confirmed cases of E coli food poisoning were linked to the restaurant as early as August – these were Type 8 E coli. The confirmed cases in October were all the Type 54 strain.

Although no children have been affected by the outbreak, 15 adults have been hospitalised as a result. All patients have now been released from hospital.

At present there are no reports of any food poisoning sufferers seeking personal injury compensation as a result of the illness.


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