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Mother seeks answers over daughter's death

A woman is seeking car accident compensation following the death of her daughter in a Northumberland crash.

The car accident compensation case will focus on a dispute between Northumberland County Council and Northumberland Water that caused road surface water leak to remain unrepaired for a long time.

The woman's 24-year-old daughter died when her car skidded on black ice caused by the road leak.

She told press, "In taking legal action, I'm not focused on monetary gain at all.

"It's about two major bodies standing up and being counted for the loss of a life. It all comes down to money with them, but [my daughter] has left behind three sisters and a brother, and she was herself thinking of starting a family.

"We're totally bereft, living moment to moment and day to day. That will never change. Someone must put up their hands and admit that they should have taken more care."

Neither Northumberland Water nor Northumberland County Council said they would comment in detail on the car accident compensation case until they had examined the causes and circumstances of the woman's fatal personal injury.


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